Welcome to the web-site of Mach One Models. We specialise in handbuilt models and kits of Speed Record vehicles produced in resin and white metal.

We have been producing quality models since the early 1990's. These include not only our own range but also individually commissioned models. We also are able to provide a full kit building service to a high specification. We aim to meet all your model building needs.

All the models in our own range are either originated in-house or are from patterns of discontinued lines that have been modified and improved with an eye on quality and accuracy of the subject. As much of the production process as possible is kept in house. This includes pattern making, casting, artwork for decals, labels, photo-etch, instructions etc plus painting and building.

Most of our models are available either fully built by myself or as a kit of parts which include resin and/or white metal parts, decals, vacforms, tyres,  instructions with accurate colour references as appropriate to allow you the pleasure of building it yourself

None of the models in our range will be discontinued though some may not be in stock at any given time if there is limited demand. Because of this some models may have a longer delivery time than others.

New subjects are being worked on all the time and their availability will be published on this site. So keep in touch!


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